Monthly Archives: June 2014

Waiting List Closed

Unfortunately due to the very large number of requests to join our waiting list we are in a position where we have to close our list for a while.  Currently the demand for entry into the club far exceeds the number of places we can offer under the present class structure.  We are not in a position at the moment to increase our number of classes and therefore we see no option but to close the waiting list until such a time as we can offer more classes and reduce the waiting time for children on the list.  We do apologise to anyone who hoped to join the list.


Appenzeller Shield


Well done to the Old Bawn boys who competed at the Appenzeller Competition on 25th May.  They all performed excellently and did themselves proud.  Results for the club as follows:

 Level 4 o12 Ciaran Fitzgerald – Gold, Matthew Donohoe – Silver
Level 4 u12 Oisin Delaney – Gold
Level 3 u12 Alex Nugent – Gold
Level 2 u10 Niall Moran – Bronze
Level 2 u8 Conor Ward – Bronze, Matthew Shortt – 5th
Level 2 u6 Max Mulcahy – Silver

There is also a 2nd competition involved in this particular event for the Appenzeller Shield (combined total for floor, vault, parallel bar and high bar across all levels from level 3 up).  The boys also came out with great results in this as follows:
Alex Nugent – 2nd
Matthew Donohoe – 4th
Oisin Delaney, Ciaran Fitzgerald – Joint 6th
(Not bad going from 19 competitors!)

Well done to all the lads!!